2013 Excel Courses, Are you Proficient?

New Horizons Learning Centre is a training company that offers a wide range of training courses, resources for learning, skills bundles, and options for training to businesses worldwide in a variety of fields such as Professional Development; Office Applications; Graphic Design; and IT Technical. Among these, its most popular course in the field of Office Applications is the Excel 2013 training course.

The Excel 2013 training course, unlike the other Excel 2010, and the 2007 training courses offered by New Horizons, only spans three levels. This course though, spanning three levels is flexible in that it offers four delivery options so as to meet the needs of all its learners. The delivery options offered are, training courses that are scheduled publicly; dedicated customised training; training on client-site; as well as learning through seminar style.

As for the exact scheduling of these courses, that may vary depending on your location so it is advised to view the scheduling for your respective area and take that into consideration when deciding on the best study options for you.

Additionally, this three level course also includes access to course content online (which can be had alone or used to re-enforce the work done in a classroom setting), course repeats free for six (6) months, help desk support for sixty (60) days after the course has been completed, and a pre-course test that while optional will give you a more accurate idea of where you are and what courses you need to be taking.

The Excel training being divided into three levels ensures that what is taught is appropriate to the level. Of the three levels, level one, being the first will cover the basics such as creating formulas, creating and using templates, and navigating the user interface to name a few.

As you proceed on to the second and higher level, you will be exposed to a higher degree of difficulty. The course includes guidelines on applying and utilising advanced formatting (conditional), creating Pivot Tables, and utilising specialized functions.

After completing this level, you can head to the third, final and most difficult of the skills to be learnt in Excel 2013, which includes, but are not limited to; application of validation of data, utilisation of 3-D referencing, and goal seeking, and searching for data that is invalid and formulas with errors.

To complete the course, students have to complete the practical examination, exercise files, and pass the evaluation, which are all done online.

As a fully-registered training organization (RTO) and a reputable company in such field, the New Horizon facility employs only the very best teachers which are certified by vendors, and has all the experienced in workign  in the industry.

The same goes for the Excel 2013 training course’s instructors: all are highly qualified professionals, well-trained and well-equipped to ensure high quality learning experience for anyone interested to be proficiant in Excel 2013.

New Horizon is located in the Central Business District (CBD) at Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth Australia, and has extensive experience in easing the transition of organizations while they upgrade their systems so as to maintain their employee productivity levels.

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