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A Design Classic You Can Afford

The Barcelona Chair or Barcelona Love Seat is a key moment in modern design history. This was first exhibited in the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona. It was also an important collaboration between Miles van der Rohe and Lilly Reich. Miles van der Rohe was a key architect and designer of the “modernist movement”. Lilly Reich had considerable expertise in the use of embroidery and textiles. Therefore, if you want to buy Barcelona love seat, expect examples derived from the original iconic design. These versions today are true to the basic original design concept with only a few modern adaptations.

The Modern Barcelona Love Seat

Milese van der Rohe is attributed with the phrase “less with more”. This is very much the motto of the Modernist Design Movement. Any irrelevant, superfluous decoration is done away with. Retaining the overall design of the original, the frame is made from a flat polished heavy gauged stainless steel which is welded into a single piece. This change took place in 1959. The original was bolted together. These are some of the unique features that make people buy Barcelona love seat.

A Barcelona love seat may offer a black leather seat and straps, while white and antique brown leather are also available. The cushions come with tufted buttons and individually sewn panels. The original used ivory coloured pig skin. Overall, the “line” and balance of the original chair has been retained for people who’d love to buy Barcelona love seat.

The seat also encapsulates another key modernist phrase, “form follows function”, attributed to the American architect Louis Sullivan.

Eames Office Chair

The husband and wife team of Charles and Ray Eames took the modernist baton a stage further into the 1950’s. They continued exploring the possibilities of modern materials, applying aluminum, molded plywood, fiber glass and plastics to modern furniture design. The Eames Office Chair is a very good example of this.

It is possible to find a discount eames office chair. There have been a lot of developments since the original was produced in 1958. Many innovations and changes occurred during the 1960’s onwards. Consequently, there has been a steady evolution in the design of this chair.

Looking at one example in particular, the Eames High Back Soft Pad Chair EA219. This version was first produced in 1969. Leather pads were added to the original design. The height of the chair can now be adjusted by a pneumatic gas lifting system. The whole chair is able to “swivel” around 360 degrees and there is a tilting system, which allows the chair to be moved backwards. This modern version uses soft Italian leather and a “Five Star” polished base which is very close to the original. See more: Metro Furniture

Eames DSW Chair

Fiberglass was first developed in World War 2. Charles and Ray Eames saw possibilities in this material and the molding process. This gave rise to a variety of different chair designs. This one uses a distinctive “dowel” base. A discount eames DSW chair, which is on offer, still has the same base and distinctive ergonomically seat. The only difference now is polypropylene is used instead of fiberglass.

Eames DSR Chair

This is another version of the molded seat design. This time an “Eiffel “ structure made from stainless steel, is used for the base. A discount eames DSR chair is available along with many others of these design classics. Learn more information here at

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