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Avoiding Legal Penalties Using a Medicare Fraud Defense Lawyer

A lot of people who require Medicare services desperately at times do not benefit from them. Most times, this happens as a result of fraudulent activities involving the Medicare System. Utilizing an expert Medicare defense lawyer or compliance attorney such as those from Cummings Manookian PLC can however prove to be of great benefits for whistle-blowers who have decided to file cases in court. Such action helps to expose the fraudulent activities to government authorities and the general public as an act of good conscience.

Diverse Kinds of Medicare Frauds

The culprits normally commit three kinds of frauds within the Medicare system.

Phantom Billing – It involves billing unnecessary medical rules, tests and equipment, a majority of which involve irregular practices.

Billing – This form of irregularity involves patients sharing their Medicare number upon receiving kickbacks. In such situations, the provider of healthcare bills Medicare and pays a portion the compensation to the patient involved in the fraudulent scheme.

Up-coding – It refers to the practice of inflating medical bills with costlier treatment and care than what is accorded to the patient.

Punishment Associated with Defrauding Medicare

Individuals proven guilty of committing Medicare fraud are liable to facing strict disciplinary measures involving:

  • Repaying the overpayments
  • Bearing the burden of a hefty financial fine
  • Possibility of criminal prosecution
  • Getting imprisoned for up to five years for each offense committed if proven guilty

Obtaining Help from a Compliance Attorney

Providers of healthcare services might either be convicted or charged with wrongful application of the Medicare system. Approaching a seasoned Medicare fraud defense attorney is an advisable undertaking during such times. This action helps protect them from having to bear stiff penalties when found in default of the appropriate regulations. Cummings Manookian PLC is among leading law firms that can afford their clients help in various fields, including the following:

  • Claims for non-existent illness
  • Claims for back-pain and like staged auto-accident injuries
  • Falsified claims for alcohol dependency treatment
  • Claims filed for non-existent healthcare treatment, therapy or home care
  • Claims made under fake names

Healthcare fraud defenses

A trial lawyer specialized in handling Medicare fraud claims is the most ideal professional to consult with for defending healthcare providers in court. Compliance lawyers from reputable law firms like Cummings Manookian PLC are capable of providing their clients protection in diverse ways as follows:

Deficiency of Knowledge – Such defense requires for the fraud to be intentional and defendant to have tried cheating the other party, for a guilty verdict to be delivered.

Coercion – For capable defense to be attained, the healthcare-provider needs to have committed the Medicare fraud in a manner that involves harming self or family.

Dirty Hands – The accused party can experience protection in situations where the plaintiff is involved in the fraud.

Lack of Evidence – The lack of evidence can at times offer sufficient defense to the health-care provider from claims of fraud.

Medicare is among the healthcare programs operated by the US Federal government that focuses on improving the health-status of common citizens. This is achieved by encouraging honest practices while discouraging dishonest dealings within the healthcare industry in general.

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