Get Your Food Truck Ready with This Step-by-Step Guide

Form commercial gas hot plate grill to deep fryers, what do you need to run a food truck business? How do you apply for licences and permits?

Be a ready entrepreneur with this step-by-step guide:

1. Conceptualisation

Competition is tough in the food business. It’s your job to make your offering stand out.

According to Roy Morgan, an esteemed market research firm, Australians like to eat Chinese, Italian, Thai, Indian, and Mexican. Their palate also loves Japanese, Greek, Middle Eastern, Lebanese, and French.

They, however, are not saying good-bye to quick-service restaurants. In fact, the number of Australians who visit these places at least 10 times per month went up to 15%. That’s about 2 percentage points higher than four years ago.

Simply put, Aussies are ready to explore different kinds of flavours, but you may also want to add some sense of familiarity and relatability to the taste. Of course, the faster the serving is, the better.

A commercial gas hot plate grill can help you in this department. You can already find one that has a versatile top, so you can either grill or use the griddle.

2. Menus and Truck Design

Now you already have the concept, you can proceed with the more detailed aspects of your food truck business. These include the menu and the design of the vehicle.

When it comes to the size and the layout, think about the commercial catering equipment you’re planning to use. For example, a commercial gas hot plate grill should be near a ventilation system. This is to avoid the smoke circulating inside the truck.

With the menu, it’s best to focus on at least five to seven dishes that share several ingredients. You can minimise the production costs and manage your inventory more effectively.

3. Funding

A food truck business isn’t cheap. On average, you need to prepare at least AUD$100,000. This can come from your savings, and you can also borrow business loans from the bank. You can also pool resources from your investors. Note, though, doing this can reduce your profit.

Where does the money go? Besides buying the truck, you also need it to invest in your equipment such as 2 burner gas cooktop commercial, deep fryers, and ovens. You can also allot some for maintenance like a commercial deep fryer oil filter.

You can go to the bank for a business loan pre-approval before you start processing your licenses and permits. This way, you can operate quickly as soon as you have the go signal from the council or state.

4. Licences and Permits

Licencing and permit regulations can vary between states and cities. In some areas, you need to get a permit from the local or the principal council. The latter refers to the place where you park your food truck or prep your ingredients. In other places, you should have the approval of the territory.

If you want to operate in Sydney, you should present your concept, truck design, and menu, among others, to a team. You also seek approval in every local council within the city where you plan to operate.

Managing a food truck business demands hard work and even money. That’s why it’s always best to compare commercial gas hot plate grill sellers first. As long as you remain passionate and strategic, all your efforts will pay off. See more at https://cookon.com.au/product-category/cooktops/