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Important Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Woolloongabba Student Accommodation

Getting ready for college life in Brisbane? Place your eyes on Woolloongabba if you are looking for a home away from home. A student accommodation Woolloongabba has to offer is a perfect option if you are looking to have an enjoyable and convenient life as a student in the city. Generally speaking, student accommodations here will give you access to world-class education, while allowing you to enjoy social life.

Woolloongabba: A haven for students in Brisbane

Woolloongabba is a suburb of Brisbane and an education powerhouse where great universities, like James Cook University, University of Queensland, and the Griffith University South Bank Campus are located.

So, it’s not a surprise that student accommodation Woolloongabba has to offer are highly recommended by Brisbaners. The area is bustling with vibrant people, as well as beautiful amenities that students can enjoy, away from stress and paperwork.

What types of student accommodation you find in Woolloongabba?

When it comes to looking for student accommodation Woolloongabba wide, Elizabeth Street, Adelaide Street, and Wharf Street are great places to start. There are good student residences you will find here. See more at Student One

What to expect in a student accommodation

Aside from the modern infrastructure and updated amenities a student residence should have, a good view is one quality that you should look into when assessing your options. You should also decide whether you have to select a shared or a private student accommodation. However, when you get there, you will notice that most students are sharing a room.

The costs will depend on the types of student accommodation that you will choose and how long will you stay.

Here are more things to look for when choosing student accommodation:

  1. Reliable internet connection – You will need a good internet connection for communication and for your studies. You can search information online, check out the latest news, write emails, play games, and connect to your social media sites.
  1. Onsite staff on duty – There should also be staff and personnel available 24/7 within the premises to assist you with your concerns and suggestions when necessary.
  1. Social events – A good student accommodation provider would hold social events from time to time within its premises to let students get to know each other and make friends. These events also serve as a break to relax from all your school work.
  1. Gym – You can stay in shape using the pieces of gym equipment available for use. You can break a sweat without leaving the residence and worrying about your safety, epsecially when you are still unfamiliar with Brisbane.
  1. Study areas – Studying is your priority as a student. Typically, the student accommodation that you choose should have quiet places where you can go over your lessons.

Choose Student One

Now, if you are looking for student accommodation that has all the qualities mentioned above, you should look no further than Student One,which welcomes local and international students. Their student accommodation services are highly recommended by many because students are their number one priority. Visit them at for more information.

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