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Massage Types and Their Benefits

With the economic slump of the mid 2000s that is still felt to date, so many people resorted to taking up more than one job to make ends meet and as a result, lots of them reported being stressed out. To ease the tensions that come with double work, many Ipswich residents are now turning to massage therapies. Massage has several benefits for both the young and old, no wonder most people now ask about massage Ipswich offers available at the moment.

Massage relieves pain and is also a great way of relaxing tired muscles after a prolonged stay in hospital. By identifying massage Ipswich therapies that suit one’s needs, an Ipswich resident will be in a position to benefit tremendously from the following services:

Types of Massage

  • Sports Massage – People take on sports for competitive purposes and physical fitness. Whatever the reasons, to excel at a given area of sport, seek the services of a professional massage therapist who knows specific problem areas and dwell on them during the session. Take a look at the latest massage Ipswich offers on sport massage.
  • Trigger Point Therapy – A given area within muscle tissue may be tight, leading to pain in the other body parts. Once a massage therapist identifies this specific part of body and works on it, the pain eases leaving one feeling great. Find out if a massage in Ipswich has trigger point therapy to be relieved of that nagging body pain.
  • Remedial Massage – Tendons and muscles may be damaged due to a number of reasons including injury or illness. To handle this situation, a patient needs a remedial massage therapy. The benefits a remedial massage Ipswich could offer include…
  1. Stimulates blood circulation in the body by allowing for the removal of toxins.
  2. Helps calm the nervous system hence alleviating pain as well as discomfort not only in the affected part but the whole body.
  3. Relaxes and tones the muscles.
  4. Improves movement of joints.
  5. Repairs torn tissues.
  6. Addresses muscular and skeletal dysfunctions.
  7. Takes a short time.
  • Pregnancy Massage – The body changes tremendously during pregnancy. Most women experience pain in the lower back and swelling in the legs. Massage is quite helpful more so when medication offers limited assistance. Using a trained massage therapist is important for pregnant women since there is need for absolute caution during the session.
  • Reflexology – The hands and feet of humans seem to take lots of pressure as they often work the most. When they are tensed all they need is a massage. It promotes overall well-being and eases tension.
  • Geriatric Massage – Elderly clients feel pain in a number of body parts due to muscle tensions that come with aging. With pain, most boomers experience depression and the best way to deal with this is by registering them for massage therapy sessions.
  • Thai Massage – Most people love this type of massage since a patient is moved to various positions while various body parts are massaged. This type of therapy helps to relieve pressure and tension from individuals.

Massage is a great way to lead a stress-free life. Use the best massage in Ipswich for holistic wellness.

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