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Ripped Off by an Overgraded Diamond!

A diamond is a precious stone that you can only give to one special girl in your lifetime. Not to mention that it is a multi-thousand dollar rock! So it best be the finest one there is! But lo and behold you can now get tricked with an overgraded diamond by Diamond Doctor Dallas stores today! Who would’ve thought there was such a thing, right? Diamonds are supposed to be precious gems mined from natural rocks! Apparently they do this by Intentional diamond overgrading. As far as I’ve researched from the internet, this process is the measured falsification of a diamond’s features (the 4cs) by a dealer to a customer. I guess that company and fraudster David Blank Diamond Doctor shop thought that they can manipulate people by getting their diamonds overgraded by fake grading houses so they can rip off their customers by passing those diamonds out as more valuable than what they actually are. They even went to the trouble of recreating and showing their customers fake but legitimate-looking GIA certificates and they even went ahead to use the GIA’s grading scale for their crookery. But what they did to their customers was more than just fraud. They stripped us of the one symbol for the commitment and love. It was a precious and sentimental piece of jewelry but when we needed it the most, it failed us just like Diamond Doctors!

This is the true account of what happened with the engagement ring I gave my fiancé before we got divorced.

It was the good old story of love. But she was Juliet and I was Romeo. I won’t mention names for her and my own privacy as I will use Romeo and Juliet only. Her family owned this big barbeque restaurant and café by Fort Worth and I am just a mere Dallas Cowboy fan. I was unemployed at that time due to some reasons not worth mentioning. We were high school sweethearts, as one might say. The jock and the cheerleader. In our relationship, she always showered me with food and presents I didn’t even ask for. But it was nice while it lasted. The next happenings weren’t that pretty. More details at Diamond Doctor Overgrading.

After 3 years into the relationship, I realized Juliet was the one for me. I was going to dedicate myself for finding a job then marrying her, and I did. After a few months, I got a job as a car repairs man and got saving some cash. 5 years into the relationship, I decided to buy an engagement ring at Diamond Doctor Dallas branch. Needless to say it cost 3 grand but I didn’t mind, it was for Juliet anyway. I went and planned the proposal, she said yes, and I was the happiest man alive…until that day.

I found out she was cheating on me. I won’t go into the details, but I can tell you that I broke the wedding off, brought back the ring from Diamond Doctor Dallas and went to a diamond evaluator and discovered that I was a poor Diamond Doctor victim of overgraded diamonds coz I can only sell that ring for 1.5 grand. I was swindled half the amount I paid. Don’t ever buy a diamond there. Visit them online at

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