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SEO Careers: Why Is It Better to Work Remotely Than in an Office?

More people are now convinced to work remotely due to the number of valuable advantages it can offer. While working in a corporate office is a massive career advantage, there are a handful of undeniable drawbacks which makes people choose to apply for home-based career opportunities such as remote SEO jobs.

Working in an office means you’ll have to follow set work hours.

Most corporate careers follow a 9 to 5 schedule which means you have to wake up as early as 7 in the morning if you don’t want to be late.

On the other hand, the majority of remote careers including SEO specialist jobs allow you to work on your terms. You can set a work schedule you find the most convenient for you.

Working in a corporate office hinders you from attending important life events.

When working in an office, there will be times where you’ll have to miss important occasions if your work schedule does not permit you to go. Being an office worker, you are expected to be in the workplace on weekdays and that you’re only able to attend personal appointments on your days off.

However, most remote SEO jobs, offer a flexible work schedule. Therefore, you can decide your free time and not miss important life events. See more at Ryan Deiss

You’ll have to deal with the busy morning traffic.

If you are one of the many people who despise traffic during rush hours, working at home might be the best career choice to pick.

Home-based remote jobs allow you to work wherever you want. You can work at home, in a coffee shop, in a co-working café, etc. If working at the comforts of your own place sounds interesting for you, then it’s about time you searched for the best remote SEO specialist jobs on the web.

Working in an office makes you spend more.

When you work in an office, you’ll have to spend money on transportation or fuel and food. You will also likely to spend money on purchasing work clothes every once in a while. Without even noticing, your daily spending can sum up to a valuable amount of money.

On the contrary, when you work at home, you avoid spending money on transportation and meals. You also don’t have to shell out money for work clothes shopping as you can work at home on your pajamas.

You’ll have less time to be with your family.

Office workers often have to work overtime and leave the workplace on late hours. This makes them miss out important family bonding time such as dinner and watching TV together.

The good thing is, if you choose to apply for remote SEO jobs, you’ll be working at home which means you’ll have more time to be with your family or a loved one.


Working remotely brings a handful of benefits; hence why more and more people are now on the hunt for the best remote careers the web can offer.

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