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The Stinky Yet Relaxing Activity Called Fishing

A lot of people go fishing when they need time for themselves and relax. There is something about the smell of the sea, the calm waves and the warmth of the sun that makes a person one with nature. With that being said, if fishing is more of a person’s attempt to rekindle with his soul, fishing with the kids and the whole family is to strengthen the bonds within the group. However, fishing is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of preparation and research is required especially if there is a chance that you might be encountering endangered and harmful species such as sharks and rays. So, before you try the family fishing Albufeira has, take time to read these reminders to ensure a happy fishing trip.


The gear depends on what kind of fish you would like to get. Every fish reacts differently to every kind of bait that is present in the water. For example, a tuna is a well-known predator that relentlessly chases its prey and overwhelms it with his strength and size. This means that in order for you to catch a tuna, you need real fish to bait it. Considering the size of a tuna (usually 200-300 pounds at 100 inches), your hook, line and rod must be able to withstand the force and the weight of the 300 pound behemoth. This is where your gear comes in, it should be able to capture your fish without breaking it.

Another thing you should remember about your gear is to know what kind of fish you are catching. You should know if it’s a game fish like sailfishes and swordfishes or for consumption such as sea basses and salmons. If you are going for shark fishing, your gear should not have the capacity to kill your shark because that might end you up in jail (especially if it is an endangered species).

What you should tell your kids

The family fishing Albufeira has and all the fishing adventure around the world smells. Yes, you read that correctly and your mind is not playing tricks on you. The fish smells, the bait smells, even the sea are not bearable for some people. But this is all part of the adventure and it teaches your kids a valuable lesson that not everything good in life is achieved in desirable and easy ways (or in this case, smells). Family fishing trips in Albufeira often let your kids explore and see new wildlife, so before going on the trip, tell them the rules and let your kids be kids.


The family fishing Albufeira has today is a good way for you to strengthen your bond with your family and teach kids about the circle of life. However, before planning family fishing trips in the Algarve or anywhere in the world, sort out your gear properly to avoid further problems. Tell your kids that family fishing trips in Vilamoura and most fishing sites can smell or can get hot. So, let them prepare for it. And lastly, have fun and stay safe! Visit today!

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