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The wonders of cladding with Polystyrene

Of course, your construction engineer has done a good job; the construction of your dream building is sturdy, and it is good in all respects. Yet, why not consider giving that extra protection to the walls and also make them look much more beautiful! That is the basic concept of polystyrene cladding.

Protects your building:

As you know, polystyrene is a synthetic atomic polymer exclusively used in the making of plastic. Polystyrene is transparent but can be colored with appropriate colorants. These days, the construction industry is making use of Polystyrene for cladding the wall. By doing so, it protects the wall against UV rays from the sun, even torrential rains; in short from hostile weather conditions.

If the building is very close to the sea, then salt water can cause extensive damage to the building. But, polystyrene cladding prevents such damage. In addition to these, this cladding enhances the beauty of the house.

It is because of these reasons, cladding has gained popularity. Now, take a closer look at some of the other issues related to this process of cladding:

Interior walls: You might have come across interior walls being decorated with wood, brick, stone and such other materials. Polystyrene has become yet another popular form used for cladding the interior wall. Walls clad with Polystyrene are easy to maintain. This plastic cladding is available in innumerable colors and shades. The walls clad with Polystyrene would last for several years.

External wall: True to the old adage ‘first impression is the last impression’; decorate the external walls with appropriate colors of polystyrene cladding. This type of cladding enhances the aesthetic beauty of the building. Some of the construction engineers use thermal insulation panel which is reinforced with fiberglass and with cementitious coating. This type of cladding is considered to provide enormous elegance to your building. As Polystyrene protects your wall against harsh weather conditions, naturally it is able to regulate the temperature inside the building, and thereby it helps to save a considerable amount of money. The polystyrene is applied in varying thickness. The thickness of insulation depends on the type of cladding you are looking for.

Choice of cladding : The beautification of a wall with Polystyrene is largely dependent on the choice of cladding. There are hundreds of cladding materials; some are available in sheets, some are available in semi solid form and even in the liquid format. They are also available in innumerable colors and shades. For example, there are exclusive Polystyrene cladding materials for walls in the bathroom, external front wall and wall in the back yard and so on. To sum up, the choice of cladding depends on the type of protection, quality, insulation, maintenance and cost.

Affordable price:

Compared with all types of cladding, Polystyrene is considered to be highly versatile. It is said, this type of cladding is very easy to install. It is available in innumerable colors and shades. On the top of these, the elegance of cladding is equally dependent on the efficiency of the person or workforce that is entrusted with the job. Choose a person with adequate experience and knowledge in undertaking such works. As compared to all other types of cladding, Polystyrene is considered to be economical too.

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